How To Get Started Teaching Piano Lessons

How To Get Started Teaching Piano Lessons

Either you have just started teaching piano. Or you’ve been doing it for so many years there is always some room left to be an even better teacher. Teaching yourself piano isn’t enough to get the job done. you’ve to develop your musical skills. Keep your approach according to the job.

Let’s take a look at a few tips and tricks that will help you become a better version of yourself as a traditional or online piano teacher.

How to Develop as a Better Piano Teacher?
How to Develop as a Better Piano Teacher?

Don’t Stop Learning!

The best way for you to be an inspiration to many out there is that you become a life-long learner. Always try to learn as many new things as you can. Think of new ways to look at things. You can apply this philosophy to a number of areas as a piano teacher.



A music person never seems to go away from learning new things. If you are not so comfortable with one genre of music, you can switch to another without thinking twice. You may be trained for classical music but you like pop more. So you can go for that option also rather than sticking to the same classical genre for your whole life. So, you can enhance your skills at any time in life. Even if your students consider you a master of something. You can also improve some of the skills given below :

  • Improvising
  • Arranging
  • Composing
  • Memorizing
  • Sight Reading
  • Chord Chart Playing

Once you think of yourself as a learner despite being a good piano teacher. You can be really good at teaching piano. So, make sure that you prove your teaching skills in the best possible manner.



Teaching yourself to play piano or teaching someone else to do it is associated with the use of technology to a large extent. You may think of digital pianos or different computer programs to learn which will help, you become a good online piano teacher also. There may be some ups and downs. if you had been using traditional ways to learn piano, but you have to think that you are not there to learn everything at once. Things take time and you’ve to provide yourself with some time also. There are some things that you can try in this regard :

  • ▪ Challenge yourself first and see if you succeed in producing a really good audio or video recording of yourself.
  • ▪ Look for some good educational apps, use them and ask your students also to use those apps.
  • ▪ Let your students know about creating a music using an app such as Garage Band.
  • ▪ Ask your students to compose something by themselves and then compare it with something good.

All these things will require you to be active if these aren’t known to you already. During this entire journey, you’ll also get to learn a lot of new things. All in all, you can be really good at teaching piano. Be a good learner also at the same time.


Teaching Methods

There are various ways you can look for to teach yourself to play piano or your students. The major concern is that most piano teachers teach their students in the same way as they were taught. Nowadays, kids know the difference between old-style music and contemporary ones really well.

The form of music, students used to enjoy in the 20th century may not be so enjoyable to today’s students. So, it’s better for a piano teacher to look for the most recent trends in order to teach his/her students. Because there seems no other option. Teaching piano is surely not so easy and today’s kids can make it even more difficult for the teachers.


Develop Lessons for Your Students!

Developing lessons for your students is one of the best ways a teacher, can choose to make them learn new things. All you need to do is to assign each of your students a task. Tell them about a deadline for that. And on that specific day, just ask them to play their notes. And compare with each other and see if they have discovered anything new. This will also let you know about their strengths and weaknesses. it’ll also help you know how to teach them to cope with all these difficulties.

Starting with the basics is another tool you can look for. Just start with something really simple and keep increasing the difficulty level. Ask them to read music in addition to learning it because that’ll add value to their knowledge also. Apart from that, teach them how to learn certain symbols. All these factors can help you get better as a teacher and will also help them to understand what piano and music are all about.

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Connect with Different Piano Teachers!

Sometimes it may feel very lonely to teach yourself piano or your students. Many teachers do it from home or run a small studio to get this job done. Since most of the time of a teacher is spent with students in a one-on-one way, they don’t get to interact with all.

So, it’s better to stay in contact with different piano teachers also to exchange the thoughts. To be better at teaching piano. Following are the ways to stay in contact with them:

online piano teacher

  • Local Musical Organizations
  • There are various cities around the world where piano teachers have made groups to meet each other regularly on weekly or monthly basis to share the progress of their students with each other and to talk about new trends.

    There are some competitions also held for students in order to judge their performances also. So, that creates a new taste of music. Particularly piano and ensures that everything is going really well in this specific field.

    teach yourself piano

  • Online
  • The most recent tragedy that happened to this world was when the COVID pandemic arrived suddenly. Didn’t let people meet each other for so long. It also destroyed the world in terms of both health and wealth.

    So, under such circumstances when things are not so feasible to meet in person!. You may contact other online piano teachers. Social media is full of such people who are always ready to help you at all costs. Who knows eventually you can become a successful online piano teacher, too.

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  • Conferences
  • Attending any conference that has people related to piano only is a great experience. Such conferences have everything from piano performances to competitions and all that you can do at your own institute also.

    You may teach yourself piano first, go to all these events to make sure that you are learning something really good and then convey it to your students so that they may become really good at it also.

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    Stay in contact with Students!

    If you think of today’s kids, they like Star Wars and Harry Potter much, and you’ll get to know about the entire story from the kids even if you haven’t read the books or didn’t watch the movies.

    Younger girls think of mermaids and unicorns as something really special for them.

    Elementary school kids like Legos more. So, you may think of ways to incorporate such things in their lessons while teaching piano so that they may understand the things better and quicker.

    For example, you may use different-sized Legos to let the kids know about different rhythms, chords, and intervals and that’s all you want. Similarly, use Star Wars and Harry Potter in the same way and make your students better.

  • Pay Good Attention to Current and Trending Music
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    Even if you don’t like current music, you may not want your students to not like it because everyone has a different taste. Take a closer look at what the kids are listening to or what they like to listen.

    There is no better way to teach yourself to play piano the way kids want you to. Also, take a look at the new movies and pay attention to the music used in them. This will also help you learn a lot which you can convey to your students also.

    Apart from that, what is really required for you is to pay good attention to beginners since you can mold them in any way you want.

    All in all, teaching piano can be difficult at times but it’s a fun experience when your students are going good with you and are eager to learn a lot of things.

  • Never Discourage Your Students!
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    As mentioned earlier, it’s not good to say things like, “Students in the past used to learn things in a better way” or anything like that. It’s also not okay to discourage your students at any cost.

    Moreover, students these days are really different in terms of their taste of music and you can’t compare the two. So, you’ve to be smart enough to know what today’s trends are and how you can make your students believe that they can do it easily.

    It’s up to you to realize all these things in order to teach your students piano in the best possible manner.

    Don’t be Just a Teacher Only!

    Online Piano Teachers have various ways to entertain their students in order for them to learn quickly. Spending some quality time with students on regular basis can enhance their skills to a large extent. Also, since music is something that everyone likes, students feel like it’s a part of their life and share other parts with their teachers also which is a great way to prepare them mentally.

    Apart from all these things, the best you can do to make your students good is to ask them to consult some modern pianists and online piano teachers also. This will help them learn a lot of new things that you were unable to teach or missed because of any reason. So, for teaching piano, you don’t just need to be a teacher only, you have to act like their parents, mentor, and psychologist also. That’s the only way you can make them what you want them to be.


    Teaching piano isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and the same is the case for learners. You can’t just think of learning or teaching all the things at once just because you’re really passionate.

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